Engraving/Original Watercolor

Jute Handmade Paper

Sometimes you just need to breathe out and say "Shal-Ooohhhmmmmm" This female version of peace and serentity honors the light in herself and the light in you. 

Hair color can be customized.

Other yoga themed artwork can be found in the Little Ones Collection.


15.5" x 15.5" framed

  • Custom Wood Picture Frame
  • Archival Mat
  • Wired & Ready for Hanging
  • Signed and Numbered Limited Edition
  • Artist Bio and Technique Explanation Included

Each original watercolor is lovingly painted over a hand-pulled engraving created on an old-school printing press. By painting each piece individually, each Vintage Collection work of art becomes a one-of-a-kind treasured heirloom.

* Contact Karla for Mat Color Change and/or Frame Customization, additional charges may apply


Short personalized inscriptions are also available. They are placed to the left of the signature in pencil. 

Short and sweet works best. ie: "To K, Love M" or "9-12-17"

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