Pomegranate Topiary


Engraving/Original Watercolor

Rice Straw Paper

Pomegranates have symbolized many things in a variety of cultures--fruitfulness, abundance, prosperity, and life, to name a few. Plus, they are delicious! Hang this in your home to symbolize everything that life has to offer. Pomegranates are said to have 613 seeds that represent the commandments, or good deeds we perform in our lives.

*Original Art Pomegranates are also available in other sizes in The Vintage and The Little Ones Collections. Pomegrantes are also featured in Trees of Life paintings in the Premier and Classics Collections*

Specifications & Technique

Original Watercolor / Engraving

Framed 19.25" x 19.25"


Short personalized inscriptions are also available. They are placed to the left of the signature in pencil.
Short and sweet works best. ie: "To K, Love M" or "9-12-17"


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