Feet, What do I need you for when I have wings to fly?” - Frida Kahlo 

When you surround yourself with original art that makes you feel at ease and happy, you’re more motivated and creative throughout your day. I love making “home retreats” where I display my Inspiring Little Ones to create peaceful, intentional living spaces. You can make a home “retreat” too and celebrate the positives in your life with these original watercolors. 

Give others the gift of uplifting messages! Whether you want to send out a message of zen, strength, happiness, or comfort there’s an Inspiring Little One that can bring joy to you and yours.


Fill Your Little Spaces with Meaning! Little Ones Original Watercolors look great on
easels on display shelves, countertops and end tables. We’re running a great special!
3 Little Ones Paintings for $225 PLUS 1 FREE Iron Easel (Signature Frame not included).
There's so many for you to choose from!