To the Moon and Back - Gold Illumination

Engraving/Chine Colle 

Thai Unryu Handmade Paper/100% Cotton Natural Paper

'To the Moon and Back’ is a mesmerizing Chine-collé print featuring gold ink. This piece depicts a radiant moon and delicate clouds, rendered in fine detail. The shimmering gold against the soft background creates a dreamlike and enchanting artwork, perfect for adding a touch of celestial elegance to your space


Framed: 9” x 21” 

  • Custom Hand-Finished Wood Picture Frame
  • Archival Mat
  • Wired & Ready for Hanging
  • Signed and Numbered Limited Edition
  • Artist Bio and Technique Explanation Included

Chine-Collé is an elaborate time-honored technique in which the engraved image is transferred to a delicate surface by bonding it to a heavier support during the printmaking process. This allows Karla to hand-pull fine details from her plates using beautiful Thai Unryu paper, a translucent natural surface, where kozo fibers (mulberry bush) beautifully embedded in the paper are clearly visible.

* Contact Karla for Mat Color Change and/or Frame Customization, additional charges may apply


Short personalized inscriptions are also available. They are placed to the left of the signature in pencil.
Short and sweet works best. ie: "To K, Love M 8-18"

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