Fields of Gold - Gold llumintation

Engraving/Original Watercolor/Chine Colle 

Thai Unryu Handmade Paper/100% Cotton Natural Paper

"Fields of Gold," Sigh. That sense of contentment, when you can feel and see the breeze blowing through the wheat.

“Fields of Gold,”  honors the bravery of the Ukrainian people during this fraught period of war in their homeland. Blue symbolizes the crystal clear sky, yellow symbolizes the fields of wheat that make up the Ukrainian landscape, and the butterflies represent the eventual metamorphosis we hope emerges for the Ukrainian people after this challenging time.


Framed: 9” x 21” 

  • Custom Hand-Finished Wood Picture Frame
  • Archival Mat
  • Wired & Ready for Hanging
  • Signed and Numbered Limited Edition
  • Artist Bio and Technique Explanation Included

Chine-Collé is an elaborate time-honored technique in which the engraved image is transferred to a delicate surface by bonding it to a heavier support during the printmaking process. This allows Karla to hand-pull fine details from her plates using beautiful Thai Unryu paper, a translucent natural surface, where kozo fibers (mulberry bush) beautifully embedded in the paper are clearly visible.

* Contact Karla for Mat Color Change and/or Frame Customization, additional charges may apply


Short personalized inscriptions are also available. They are placed to the left of the signature in pencil.
Short and sweet works best. ie: "To K, Love M 8-18"

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