A Time for Every Season - Small Horizontal

Engraving/Original Watercolor

Jute Handmade Paper

This piece represents the beauty of growth and renewal. Winter is bare, no life to be seen, but shedding all of the old that is no longer needed. Spring sees the first signs of life and growth, with the baby birds ready to fly and thrive. Summer is beautiful and buoyant, with nature blooming and birds joyfully celebrating their life. Autumn is a time of change, with the birds flying south, ready to begin the entire journey again. Celebrate the changing seasons of life with this one of a kind piece!

Specifications & Technique

Original Watercolor / Engraving

Framed: 23.5" x 8.5"


Short personalized inscriptions are also available. They are placed to the left of the signature in pencil. 
Short and sweet works best. ie: "To K, Love M" or "9-12-17"