Tree of Life - Medium

Engraving/Original Watercolor

Jute Handmade Paper

The Tree of Life is my favorite image and signature painting. It’s a positive universal symbol conveying the mystical concept of the connectivity between all forms of creation, a very appropriate message for these times. We are really all in this together. In Judaism, there’s a saying from Proverbs: It is a tree of life to those who hold it fast,and all who cling to it find happiness.Its ways are ways of pleasantness,And all its paths are peace.

In Judaism, the Tree of Life stands as a metaphor for the Torah. When I design a Tree of Life, there’s another metaphor I’m thinking about, and that’s the metaphor for the arc of our lives. Starting at the bottom with the roots, our ancestry and where we come from, then branching out and following our dreams and reaching for the stars. In my mind the birds are anthropomorphized into friends and family, people I love. You can imagine who each bird represents in your life. Pomegranates  are said to have 613 seeds that represent the commandments or good deeds we perform in our lives.

Specific to my “Tree of Life” is the twisty trunk. I do this to illustrate life’s many twists and turns, which ultimately shape who each of us are.

*Original Art Tree of Life is also available in other sizes in The Little Ones, The Vintage, & The Classics Collections*

Specifications & Technique

Framed 22.75” x 24.75”

Engraving/Watercolor Jute Handmade Paper

Tree of Life 27” x 33.5 framed, arrives in a beautiful custom wood hand-finished picture frame, archival mount, beautiful handmade paper with a deckle edge, and ready for hanging. Each original watercolor is lovingly painted over a hand-pulled engraving created on an old-school printing press. By painting each piece individually each Classics Collection Painting becomes a one-of-a-kind treasured heirloom.

The beautiful inspired pieces in The Premier Collection showcase Karla's unique ability to achieve incredible, vibrant jewel-tones with traditional watercolor. Having a painting from Karla’s Premier Collection can make an entire room happier, more unique, and provide a beautiful central focus that brings joy to you and yours.


Short personalized inscriptions are also available. They are placed below the signature in pencil. 

Short and sweet works best. ie: "To Julia, With Love Ellison 9-12-17"

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